Yang Li Yin

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Yang Li Yin


  • Nombre:杨丽音/ Yang Li Yin
  • Profesión: Actriz
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 1963-Enero-10
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Taiwan
  • Altura: 1.57cm
  • Signo zodiacal: Capricornio





1983 *Love, as Ye opera "Hongzongliema", decorated Wei Fei

1984 *Love, as Ye Opera "She Langjun" daisy fairy ornaments

1984 *Love, as Ye Opera "Meng Lijun," decorated Ronglan

1986 *Love, as Ye opera "Kuangyin" decorated Xiaoqing

1986 *TTV "Stirring country", decorated Princess Fragrance

2002 *Big Love TV "got wind"

2003 *Love as the "Love Storm", decorated Ding Tianli

2003 *Big Love TV "Jin Haiqing empty"

2003 *Big Love TV "Quartet", decorated Chen mother

2004 *Big Love TV "Grassy Chunhui", decorated high Xiu

2006 *Big Love TV "Endless Love"

2006 *FTV "love", decorated immortality

2008 *Big Love TV "Silicon Valley Grandma" cameo

2009 *CTV "shining days", guest Vivian

2009 *FTV, eight integrated platform "Ultimate Three Kingdoms", cameo apricot days

2009 *Big Love TV "happy beginning" cameo

2010 *Big Love TV "year Phoenix flowers", decorated with pink forest

2010 *FTV "recruits Diary", cameo decorated Yong Siew as (Chen Tianbin the mother)

2010 *Love as the "belt-hero", decorated Wang Chen Bilan

2010 *TTV, three will stand "Ni Yada", decorated tube too duo (grandmother)

2011 *Love TV, One TV, STV "Material Queen", decorated with big nanny

2011 *TTV, three will stand, "Petty girl rushed forward," decorated ZHANG Shu-fang (almond Mother)

2011 *CTV "food lovers dream", decorated Ho Fang Xiuyan

2011 *three will stand "love trouble", decorated Song Lin Long Yun

2011 *Big Love TV "family stories series - years poem" Cameo

2012 *Big Love TV "accompany you to see the Star", decorated Wu buy (Li Zhaosen the mother)

2012 *TTV, three will stand "screw lady to get married," decoration was beautiful

2012 *Public Television HD "love comes, please punch", decorated village wife

2012 *three will stand "Love maid", decorated to Wu Chun

2012 *TTV "crimes beauty", decorated manicure master

2013 *Happy Taiwan TVBS "sister stand at attention forward," Mom decorated Wang

2013 *Three will stand "golden big flower gorgeous adventure", decorated Summer Love

2013 *Three will stand, "is that you fall in love with me", decorated Liao Tianfen


  • "Feliz A gratis"/"Happy A free" (febrero 1991 Rolling Stones álbum), tres grupos
  • "Movimiento de Vida Nueva"/"New Life Movement" (septiembre 1991 álbum de los Rolling Stones), tres grupos


  • Magiclean


  • 41 º Premio de la Campana de Oro: Mejor actriz por Cao Shan Chun Hui (2006)


  • Dramastar

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