The Painter of Wind OST

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  • Título: 바람의 화원 OST
    The Painter of Wind.jpg

    The Painter of Wind

  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Género: Banda Sonora Original
  • Idioma: Coreano
  • Distribuidor: LOEN Entertainment

Parte 1

  • Artista: Jo Sung Mo
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 24-Septiembre-2008
    • Song of the Wind

Parte 2

  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 23-Octubre-2008
    • Song of the Wind
    • Eyes the way - the manor - Young Ji
    • Tears Flowers - HowL
    • Longing that can not be done
    • And draw
    • Yearning (Love Theme)
    • Dohwaseo
    • The Painter of the Wind (Title Theme)
    • Eat (墨) Tension Theme
    • Figure Secrets
    • Cry by laughing
    • Dongcheon relevant to anti-janggok
    • Jeojatgeori landscape
    • St eavesdropping morning
    • 月 下 情人 (easier Jung)
    • Chapter waveform
    • Myohyang of the tiger
    • Dongcheon relevant to anti-janggok (Sanjo Ver.)
    • 儛 童 (non-copper)
    • Korean Classical V. Saint eavesdropping morning
    • Usage of black ink showdown
    • 年 少 踏 靑 (dapcheong combustion)

Parte 3

  • Artista: JOO
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 20-Noviembre-2008
    • Colour
    • Colour (Orchestra Ver.)


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