Liu Yi Fei

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  • Nombre: 刘亦菲 (劉亦菲) / Liu Yi Fei
    Liu Yi Fei3

    Liu Yi Fei

  • Nombre en inglés: Crystal Liu
  • Nombre real: 安风 / An Feng (nombre de nacimiento); 刘茜美子 / Liu Xi Mei Zi (nombre después de los 6 años)
  • Apodos: Xixi, Bao Zi
  • Profesión: Actriz, cantante
  • Fecha de nacimiento: 25-Agosto-1987
  • Lugar de nacimiento: Wuhan, Hubei, China
  • Estatura: 1.70cm
  • Peso: 48kg
  • Signo zodiacal: Virgo
  • Zodiaco chino: Conejo
  • Tipo de sangre: B
  • Familia: Padre/profesor/ diplomático An Shao Kang y madre/bailarina/ Liu Xiao Li

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Born in Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China. Her parents put him in a top An Fen. Her father, An Shaokang is the first secretary at the Chinese Embassy in France and was previously a professor of French at the university. Her mother, Liu Xiao Li, is a dancer. Her parents divorced when she was only 7 years. After the divorce, Crystal Liu went to live with her mother and changed his name to Liu Xi Mei Zi. She began his training with only 8 years old, singing, dancing and playing the piano to be an actress. She moved to the United States 10 years with his mother, where he lived four years and attended over the years, to Louis Pasteur Middle School. She returned to China June 1, 2002 to resume her dream of acting and changed her name to an artistic one: Liu Yi Fei . In September 2002, she was accepted at the Institute of Beijing Film Academy with the age of 15 years.

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