Ice Fantasy-HunanTV-2016-15

Ice Fantasy

  • Título: 幻城 OST
  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Género: Banda Sonora Original
  • Idioma: Chino
  • Distribuidor: Shanghai Youhug Media Co. Ltd.

OST Completo Parte 1

  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 26-Agosto-2016
    • 不該 (Shouldn't Be) - Jay Chou y aMEI
    • 心底 (Heart) - Cindy Yen
    • 愛會還原 (Love Will Be Restored) - Ye Huai Pei
    • 彼岸魚 (The Other Side of the Fish) - Xi Pei Jin
    • 蓮殤 (Lotus War) - Yu Wen Wen
    • 梨落 (Pear) - Cindy Yen Ver.1
    • 梨落 (Pear) - Victoria Song Ver.2
    • 愛如櫻 (Love like Cherry) - Qin Yuzi
    • 夢話 (Daydream) - A-Lin

OST Completo Parte 2

  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 09-Septiembre-2016

CD 1

  • 冰之戰魂 (The Warrior's Spirits of Ice)
  • 塵封的秘密 (The Sealed Secrets)
  • 守界使者 (Guardians of the Realm)
  • 刃雪城 (Blade Ice Town)
  • 夢境中的吻 (鋼琴版) (Kiss in the Dreamland(Piano Ver))
  • 自由之靈 (Spirits of Freedom)
  • 無盡海底 (Endless Sea)
  • 淪陷之城 (The Downfall of Ice Nation)
  • 落櫻坡之戰 (Battle at Falling Sakura Slope)
  • 冰湖漫舞 (Dancing on the Ice Lake)
  • 千靈聚落 (Thousand Spirits' Settlement)
  • 千年宿命 (Millennium Fate)
  • 華麗的堅定 (Magnificent Determination)
  • 人魚的優雅 (Elegant Mermaid)
  • 古靈精怪 (Sharp Wittedness)
  • 生死共存 (Togetherness of Life and Death)
  • 一葉竹 (Bamboo with One Leaf)
  • 終焉之戰 (The Battle of Termination)
  • 彼岸煙花 (Fireworks at the Otherside)
  • 冰封幻術 (Ice Sealing Voodoo)
  • 絕望火界 (Despeaired Fire Realm)
  • 人魚公主 (Mermaid Princess)
  • 為王而戰 (Fight for the King)
  • 鳳琊幻袍下的孤寂 (Loneliness Beneath the King's Gown)

CD 2

  • 為了卡索, 我什麼都願意 (I'll Do Anything for Ka Suo)
  • 幻影 (Illusion)
  • 嗨, 醫生 (Hi, Doctor)
  • 無音 (Soundlessness)
  • 浴火城 (Fire Nation)
  • 淚珍珠 (Tear of Pearls)
  • 心誠事成 (Honesty Makes)
  • 執著的等候 (Persistent Waiting)
  • 命運的轉輪 (Transience of the Destiny)
  • 夢境中的吻 (Kiss in the Dreamland)
  • 初到凡間 (The First Arrival to the Profane Realm)
  • 夢境與現實 (Dream and Reality)
  • 霰雪鳥的悲鳴 (Snowbird's Lament)
  • 一生效忠, 唯一的王 (Allegiance to the Only King)
  • 風箏錦囊 (Kite Line Pouch)
  • 說不出口的深情 (Unspeakable Affections)
  • 永恆之苦 (Endless Torment)
  • 一見鍾情 (Love at First Sight)
  • 復仇 (Revenge)
  • 陰謀 (Conspiracy)
  • 决念 (Determined Will)
  • 永別 (Farewell)
  • 噬神劍山洞 (Gods Gnawing Sword Cave)
  • 重生的復仇者 (The Reborned Avenger)
  • 墮入魔道 (Falling to the Evil Path)
  • 守護 (Protection)


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