A continuación se muestra una lista de las obras producidas y compuestas por E-Tribe en orden cronológico.





  • “Gee” para Girls' Generation
  • "4th Hitter" para Honey Boys
  • “How ” para Sori
  • “Say My Name (Feat. Gilme)” para Nassun
  • “come2play (Feat. Han Seung-yeon of Kara)” para Nassun
  • “For you (Feat. Kim Kyung Rok of V.O.S)” for Nassun
  • “It's You” for Super Junior
  • “Crazy” for Lee Jung Hyun
  • “2night(Feat. Bigtone, Sugar Flow)” for Lee Jung Hyun
  • “Rally” for Jewelry
  • "Cold noodles" for Jessica (Girls' Generation) & Park Myeong-su
  • "Mom" for E-Tribe


  • "Star Star Star" for Girls' Generation
  • "Be Happy" for Girls' Generation
  • "Outlaw in the Wild" for Hyuna of 4minute & Nassun
  • "World Cup chant" for "The Brotherhood"
  • "My Luv" for XCROSS
  • "Whale" for Nicole Jung of Kara & Park Myeong-su
  • "U" for 4MEN
  • "O-IWI-O" for Nassun & MBLAQ's G.O. O-IWI-O is a response to Gee
  • "Eyes Nose Mouth (Feat. 4MEN)" for Sun Woo
  • "Blue Moon (Feat. Nassun)" for Sun Woo
  • "Yayaya" for T-ara
  • "What Are You Doing (4MEN. Mi 美)" for YWHO家


  • "Dal Shabet" for Dal Shabet
  • "Supa Dupa Diva" for Dal Shabet
  • "Hottie" for Dal Shabet
  • "Bad Guy" for Joo
  • "Cry" for MBLAQ
  • "Angel" for Kim Hyung Jun
  • "oH! aH!" for Kim Hyung Jun
  • "Honey Funny Bunny" for U-know Yunho (TVXQ)
  • "Shakalaka" for Dal Shabet
  • "Pink Rocket" for Dal Shabet
  • "Shameless Lie" for Gayoon from Lie To Me OST
  • "BEEP" for Dal Shabet
  • "Dream In U" for Dal Shabet
  • "Bling Bling" for Dal Shabet


  • "Hit U" for Dal Shabet
  • "Dream In U (Remix)" for Dal Shabet
  • "Hit U (Remix)" for Dal Shabet
  • "Mr. Bang Bang" for Dal Shabet