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Near HD Presentation of the classic K-pop song, Nuh! Na! from NRG's 003 album. Their 3rd album released on November 1, 1999.

Rap Open the window White snow falls down From my eyes tears are falling I can't speak This feeling used to be happiness That time tomorrow is without us in reality Yesterday I thought of us and was too sad to smile I'm lonely and hurt and tears are falling

We were happy, together you and I Times like that more and more, I'm yearning for you more Today, also, I carry you in my heart You used to tell me that you loved me Those nights my lips you used to kiss lightly I can't forget you

I miss you, I want to see you I long for you like I'm going crazy I think only of you What must I do? I just don't know

Rap Today all day in my tears there was confusion I can't forget you (forget) I'm so confused Even when I watch a video, On the screen I see your face (on, on) I see your features and again tears form in my eyes Everything used to be picture-perfect You and I In the future, now and forever, together I used to believe we could do it Those days, you and I (you) Night and day, in my heart, became a star

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