Age of Youth OST

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Age of Youth

  • Título: 청춘시대 OST
  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Género: Banda Sonora Original
  • Idioma: Coreano
  • Distribuidor: P&M Korea


  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 19-Agosto-2016
    • The Whereabouts Of Love - Maximilian Hecker
    • On Your Collarbone - Jordan Klassen
    • Enjoy The View - David Choi
    • Offbeat - Clara C
    • 24 Hours - Mayu Wakisaka
    • Toodoo - The Tellers
    • What Up? - Hector Guerra
    • Dick & Jane - Sidney York
    • Mirage Of Bliss (Part I) - Maximilian Hecker


  • Artista: Varios Artistas
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 02-Septiembre-2016
    • 세상 밖으로 (Out of This World) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • 이상한 나라의 벨에포크 (Belle Epoque in Wonderland) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • 하메들 (The Saddle) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • 조바심 치지마! (Don't Hit Impatience!) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • 건드릴 수 없는 고통 (I Can't Touch The Pain) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • 방황하면 어때 (Why Don't You Wander) - Lee Nam Yeon
    • Butterfly - Sogyumo Acacia Band
    • 순간 (Moment) - Sogyumo Acacia Band
    • 겨울로 가기 위해 사는 밤 (Live at Night to Go to Winter) (feat. Hwang Deug Gyung) - Temperature of Saying "Hi"
    • 사랑의 한가운데 (In the Middle of Love) (feat. Sunwoo Jung A) - Temperature of Saying "Hi"
    • 매일의 고백 (Confessions of a Day) - Kang A Sol


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